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  1. Been meaning to write a cnmoemt to this post, and it’d have been really self centered and long-winded. But I think the main points can be made a bit more painlessly. a) Airing an annoyance: I love the german language. Just love it. My linguistics background and a very gifted teacher might have had something to do with it. That makes it much easier for me to appreciate german literature, exactly for the particular way in which it is poetic. However, defending that opinion would be a huge waste of arguments that I could use for a real discussion, I think. Like you say, it’s a personal feeling, a preference. It’d be like defending why I like cabbage over lettuce. Which is why it’s so perplexing to me when someone tries to attack other people’s preferences, especially in blog cnmoemts. If you like lettuce better, I can go on preaching and forcing you to eat cabbage for years without changing your opinion. We all have personal histories and sensitivities that consciously or unconsciously form our preferences. And reading about the preferences and influences of a person whose artistic work one is interested in is interesting, because it might reveal something about that person.In other words: You were not making an argument over one language being de facto more poetic than another (now that I’d have actual arguments against), you were telling us a bit about who you are behind your work. Which is why I’d assume one would be reading your blog to begin with. I find the go read X, go listen to Y, go study Y line of bickering so useless. b) I so feel this post. The moment of holy fuck, what am I (still) doing here (in this country/job/relationship/etc) is one of those milestones in life. I’ve yet to meet a person in my circle not having one of those somewhere around their 30s, irrespective of their particular situations. Mine was about two months ago. I’ve persuaded myself that the people I see being most plagued by it actually still try to make their dreams come true they haven’t resigned into mindlessness. So I consider it a good milestone, kinda like a savepoint.

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